Coleen Rowley, FBI insider and whistleblower explains – Part 2

With so much happening in our intelligence agencies, the average citizen has no idea of the invasive danger these rogue, secretive, overbearing groups present to our everyday lives. Over the next few weeks I’m going to present insider information from whistleblowing patriots; high level operatives from the FBI, NSA, CIA and DOJ.

The patriot forces?that protect us are spread out across the homeland and foreign soil preventing the tragedies we all fear from madmen with untold weapons of mass destruction. Their actions often unknown, yet ever present, make our lives safer, and allow our freedoms to be enjoyed and shared.

But, worthy as some in public service are with their activities, some are alarmingly perfidious, dangerous, while secretly spying and subverting, invading our personal lives for purposes planned, and known only to a few who wish to gain or increase their power over us. We’ve seen it in the past but has the Trump light of scrutiny exposed more and more vermin than a New York sewer on Thanksgiving?

To bring to light the activities, familiar as well as unacknowledged, of these government watchdogs, it’s been a privilege to talk with people from the inside of some of our country’s top agencies. Patriots who dedicated years of service to doing what they thought right, best, honest and appropriate. All of these insiders having become whistleblowers, exposing the wrongdoing at great risk to future personal and career opportnities.

Many of us have taken the oath to support and defend the Constitution, to protect against “all” enemies, foreign and domestic, and yet never imagined that meant against our own administrations. Most of us grew up when the government and its many parts were respected, not feared; depended on, not worried about.

In this series, I introduce special people assembled to express facts and opinions, lay out those facts of agency abuses, and whose valuable time is so appreciated to share what should be an enlightening? warning based on their own experiences and observations. You’ll see some answers are short. Reasons being 1) some of my interviewees are traveling internationally at this time and their valuable time limits long discussions. 2) Some subjects require restraint on the information they can give for personal, legal,? career reasons or national security reasons.

Part 1 of Ms Rowley’s interview is?HERE.? This is part 2 of 2:

FBI – Coleen Rowley:?B.A. degree in French from Wartburg College, graduated with honors from College of Law at the Univ. of Iowa. In 1981, Rowley was appointed a Special Agent with the FBI, and in 1984 was assigned to the New York Office working Italian organized crime and Sicilian heroin drug investigations. Rowley also served in the Paris, France Embassy and Montreal Consulates. In 1990 Rowley was “Chief Division Counsel” which entailed oversight of the Freedom of Information, Forfeiture, Victim-Witness and Community Outreach Programs as well as providing regular legal and ethics training to FBI Agents of the Division. In May of 2002 Rowley brought forth some of the pre 9-11 lapses and testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee about some of the endemic problems facing the FBI and the intelligence community.

Rowley’s memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller in connection with the Joint Intelligence Committee’s Inquiry led to a two-year long DOJ Inspector General investigation. She was one of three whistleblowers chosen as persons of the year by TIME magazine in 2002. In April 2003, following an unsuccessful and highly criticized attempt to warn the Director and other administration officials about the dangers of launching the invasion of Iraq, Rowley stepped down from her (GS-14) legal position to go back to being a (GS-13) FBI Special Agent. In early March 2003 she warned FBI Director Robert Mueller of further problems, including his going along with the Bush Administration’s deceptive plan to launch war on what would become the counterproductive war on Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks. (Sadly enough, despite all facts to the contrary, the Bush Administration was able to fool 70% of the American public into believing that Saddam Hussein was behind 9-11.)

Ms Coleen Rowley, retired FBI agent. Photo courtesy of Ms Rowley.

RB?~ With all the agencies working inside and outside the country, are we overlooking the presence AND dangerous influence of groups like CAIR and others with ties to foreign entities or governments?

CR?~? I think the most consistently dangerous things the CIA and other US agencies have done has been to aid and arm various Al Qaeda and other associated terrorist groups, trying to use them as our “proxies.”? This began with “Charlie Wilson’s War” using the Mujahadin in Afghanistan and Pakistan who morphed into Al Qaeda and the Taliban.? We should’ve learned our lesson about the consequences of aligning ourselves with foreign terrorists but it has continued with the Chechen terrorists, the Syrian and Libyan jihadists and even the Iranian terrorist dissident Mujahedin al Khalq (MEK) group.

As bad as the increase in international terrorism is, all due to this stupid US foreign policy and perpetual wars, aligned with Wahabi extremist Saudi Arabia, domestic mass shootings have tripled in recent years and actually take more lives inside the U.S.

RB?~ With your background related to the law and ethics, and inside knowledge of our government, is this something that should be personally adhered to by agents or something they need to be taught? And is the FBI and other agencies doing enough to counter illegal activities within?

CR?~ ??Senator Grassley, long an effective FBI watchdog, released a report compiled in 2000 chronicling misconduct by FBI agents, which he called a “list of horrors.” [Grassley report on FBI misconduct]?Unfortunately I doubt that things have much improved since that time.? The Department of Justice’s Inspector General and a US Attorney are looking at some of the current FISA Court abuses but I doubt they have either the time or resources to address all of the misconduct that is happening.

Law enforcement ethics training was initiated in 2001 as a result of various reckless (drunk driving) homicides committed by agents and other serious misconduct but this training seems to have gotten neglected after 9-11.

RB?~ For most of us, the Clinton’s have been on the highway of free rides since the 80’s, bypassing every legal stop sign and prosecution toll booth in their path as they speedily wind their way toward fame and riches – mostly infamous riches. Everything they touch seems to be laden with bi-chromatic fingerprint dust and the blood of innocents mixed with confusion. With the questionable death of Seth Rich and other DNC maneuvering, it’s been said you have your own theories and proof that the DNC email hacking was not the Russians, but an inside job.

CR?~ ??It’s true that both of the? Clintons have constantly displayed deceptive and corrupt, self-enriching and ruthless activity in the course of their prior “leadership” of the U.S.

I haven’t weighed in on the Seth Rich case because it’s not possible to intelligently opine without hard evidence i.e. what’s called a “smoking gun.” But it’s possible he or some other insider leaked DNC information.? I don’t think anyone really knows.

Hacking and hackers are now ubiquitous and everywhere.? There are certainly hackers in Russia and China but also in the U.S. and Western countries.? It looks like more than a few separate hackers were targeting and exfiltrating info from the DNC and DNC officials for months.? I don’t think the full truth has come out.? The “Intelligence Community Assessments” (which the FBI, CIA, NSA and DNI’s handpicked analysts produced), were mere allegations and did not provide any real evidence showing the Russian government was responsible for the hacking.? The ICA was thus a good example of the opposite of “intelligence,” similar to what was ginned up for Colin Powell’s false presentation to the United Nations in order to launch war on Iraq.? President Obama even admitted that it could not be shown that Russians hackers were the source for “Wikileaked” DNC info. ?Yet our mainstream media constantly spews this war propaganda.

RB?~? And for whose benefit and for what purpose? Was Rich to receive the blame for the hacking but wanted to prove otherwise?

CR?~? It’s hard for anyone right now to adequately know.? For good overviews on the overall situation, its general purpose and to whose benefit—a horrible and extremely dangerous predicament for the American people brought on by corrupt government leaders, your readers should see these two exhaustive reviews:? ?The first review is on?Russianmania at the boiling point,?and the second is on?Mass Deception and the prelude to war.

RB?~? Is the FBI capable of independently pursuing “political crimes” to bring about justice to those involved in all this current Clinton/DNC/State Dept./intelligence corruption, or should they be more an investigative, enforcement force against more traditional crimes? Or is there really a difference?

CR?~? I really doubt the FBI is up to the task of impartially investigating the President and these highest levels of corrupt government leaders.? In a way, it’s easy to sympathize with Comey and McCabe trying to walk a political tightrope given that unprecedented fact that BOTH presidential campaigns were under FBI investigation in the months and even weeks right up to (and after) the 2016 election.? It’s hard to see how any law enforcement/justice entity could conduct an independent investigation and hold the highest level accountable.? Those pragmatic reasons are why Nixon (and many other presidents) have always thought they were above the law.

RB?~ Is enough finally being done to investigate and dig into these email scandals and schemes?

CR?~? I don’t know what’s going on with regard to any further investigation of the Clinton email server and the Clinton Family Foundation corruption, but I doubt any official will get to the bottom of it any time soon.? I do see the Dept of Justice’s Inspector General is expected to produce a report on some aspects of alleged FBI misconduct involving “Russiagate” so there is some source of hope that some independent investigation can be conducted.

RB?~ And as a follow up, are the lines of communication between the FBI, CIA and NSA now more open than before, or is interagency pride and elitism keeping them from working together efficiently?

CR?~? No doubt some turf battles persist, but I think the great enlarging of all their budgets after 9-11 to fight the “war on terror” has reduced interagency rivalry to a large extent.? ?The agencies also seem to have equal access to the big intelligence databases (which include billions of pieces of non-relevant data) but as I mentioned before, that entails as many problems as it solves involving creating a bigger and bigger “haystack” as well as potential illegal and improper use of the data.

RB?~? Did you in your wildest intelligence dreams ever think that a major political party could invade the sanctity of our election process by creating false documents, use them to smear an opposition candidate before an election, then use them to assault the privacy of his closest confidants, using them to corrupt the privacy process of the FISA system, all while the long term goal of removing a duly elected president loomed in the back of their destructive playbook?

CR?~? That is an excellent description of what appears to have transpired with the “Steele” dossier.? Although I and other whistleblowers warned the surveillance abuse would happen—I wrote an article back when Congress was initially intimidated into passing the “FISA Amendments Act” in August 2007 that the powers they were giving to the Executive Branch’s “national security” agencies would be turned on themselves, I am still somewhat surprised at how this all transpired so quickly.? Officials sell their grabbing for more and more abusive and illegal powers as only being used to target foreigners but it was a slippery slope, and a rather quick slippery slope.? The “war powers” quickly migrated home.? That’s frankly why the CIA was supposed to be prohibited from acting domestically, because of their history of abuses since they are so used to having free reign abroad, without having to follow any laws.

Eris Snowden

RB?~? Was Snowden a traitor or a hero?

CR?~? I don’t believe in heroes and have written many times why it’s foolish to put anyone on a pedestal.? Everyone is a mixed bag.? But there are heroic actions and all whistleblowers who tell the truth about government fraud, waste, abuse, illegality and serious risk to public safety despite the personal risks and misfortunes and despite group think pressures are to be praised and emulated.

RB?~ You’re a strong proponent of critical thinking vs the standard partisan rants that are so pervasive. What can be done from the government side or the personal side to get back to reasonable thinking using truth and facts and not ideology?

CR?~ That’s a good question and I have asked prominent psychologists the same question, and unfortunately without any good answer.? I have given many presentations on “ethical decision-making” and also on “Psychopathy, Propaganda and Group Think” but just letting people know how this works, how easily human vulnerabilities to emotional manipulation work, doesn’t seem to be very effective in reducing the phenomenon. After all, Nazi leader Goering’s warnings during the Nuremberg trials about how easy it is to manipulate people, to turn otherwise good people into monsters, even in a democracy, are well known.? Perhaps a concerted effort to reduce group think by instilling critical thinking at an earlier effort in the education process would have an impact but our country’s educational and media apparatus do just the opposite.

RB?~ Did the decision to become a whistleblower come easy given your patriotism and seeing the need for truth, or was it a life changing moment with thoughts of reprisals and long term career and personal ramifications?

CR?~? Other than Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden and perhaps a handful of others, very few people deliberately decide to sacrifice everything to tell the truth.? The majority of whistleblowers that I’ve met and I now know dozens, begin more naively, believing that it’s possible to get the truth out without martyring oneself.? In my own case, I was realistic enough to know that my truth telling about FBI Headquarters having dropped the ball, that 9-11 could have been prevented, would anger these FBI officials and hurt my career but even I was somewhat surprised when I heard they were immediately discussing firing me.? The only reason that probably didn’t happen was due to media pressure and four Senators writing to Mueller and Ashcroft recommending that I not be fired.

RB?~ What can day to day citizens – who before now had nothing to fear – do to be aware, and to ensure they are not caught up in some unintentional web of government lies from an alphabet agency set on invading our lives and destroying our futures?

CR?~? Well I think average citizens need to do a better job of watchdogging their own government and not abdicate their own responsibility to government “leaders” who don’t have their interests in mind.? This means they have to read more, beyond mainstream news, speak up and write their opinions, contact their elected representatives, engage in protests and political action, basically exercise their First Amendment rights.? Perhaps if more people would have voiced their opposition a few months ago to the reinstatement/enlargement of the FISA Amendments Act, it wouldn’t have passed when the alphabet agencies claimed they needed these vast spying powers, that allow monitoring and collection of Americans’ communications.

RB?~? With Alexis, Echo, TVs with cameras, home security Wifi cameras, Google phones tracking our every move and refrigerators knowing what we buy and how we shop, are we living totally exposed and non-private lives open to any invasion from someone is willing to review, sell or track?

CR?~? You also need to include the recent example of Facebook (and other social media) using and selling the data they collect on those who join social networks or use the internet.? There’s no doubt that almost all technological advances and new communication devices that people see a need for also are privacy-defeating.? Cameras are everywhere now and while they serve some good purposes, they also infringe on privacy and exercise of rights.? I don’t see any of this being ever rolled back.? So laws and policies need to keep pace with developments in technology.

RB?~ With so many problems and scandals related to political corruption, spying on citizens, immigration, local communities and states opting out of abiding by federal law….are we losing America?

CR?~ Things are always changing.? ?When the 13 colonies became states, the federal government had very little power.? Even when the FBI was formed in 1920’s, there were almost no federal laws creating federal crimes that it could investigate.? But the federal government has been aggregating and centralizing power since the U.S. came into being under the Constitution and perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea if power went back to being more decentralized and citizens could have more input on lower levels than they can have on the national government.? I don’t see that happening however.

I do think our democratic form of government is in danger for a lot of reasons: corruption; war powers abuses; lack of ability of voters to hold leaders accountable, etc.

RB?~ And with all the action and complications of a government intelligence / law enforcement position, what was that one fun, rewarding, passionate moment you remember from your whole career?

CR?~ I’m not sure there was one such moment but I did a lot of painstaking transcribing of intercepted conversations among Italian organized crime members in New York City in the early 1980’s by which we were able to piece together elaborate labor racketeering schemes that were eventually successfully proven at trial and used to convict a number of mob bosses.

RB?~? In closing, does the America public have something to fear about the growing unknown? Are we headed down a path of intrusion that warrants the Utah facility be turned into a veteran’s homeless shelter while money and resources are directed to the outside world instead of inside our borders?

CR?~ I do believe we face a “Brave New World” to put it euphemistically with all the data gathering going on—and without a shred of evidence that it has reduced terrorism.? Even worse, I also think we could be headed for a nuclear WWIII .

RB?~ Are there any other areas you think important to cover here or highlight?

CR?~? I’ve included a number of links to articles for you as I feel Americans need to be aware of where we’re coming from, where we are and where we’re headed..

As I’ve interviewed and written about these intelligence professionals and whistleblowers, I’m reminded…

Power is always dangerous.? Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best.”

–Edward Abbey


My next article will highlight a former NSA intelligence official. His input will add much to this series of government insiders.

Our gratitude and appreciate to Ms. Rowley for her service to our country and her time in sharing these important inside views. Part 1 of Ms Rowley’s interview is?โหลด w88 iosHERE.

~ RB

Talk America Radio “Kitchen Cabinet” Update!

We are very pleased to announce two new members of the Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet:  KATHLEEN WILLEY and NEAL BOORTZ!

Both Kathleen and Neal have graciously accepted seats on our esteemed Kitchen Cabinet this past week, and we are honored to have them join us…

The term “Kitchen Cabinet” refers to any group of trusted friends and associates, particularly in reference to a President’s or presidential candidate’s closest unofficial advisers.

Many past Presidents have created Kitchen Cabinets, but at Talk America Radio, we decided to model our Kitchen Cabinet after that of President Ronald Reagan, by surrounding ourselves with great people!

KATHLEEN WILLEY is a victim of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  You may remember the second Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton when four ladies, all victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton, appeared as guests of Donald Trump.  Sitting on the second row, right behind the Trump family, were Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathy Shelton and Kathleen Willey.

She is the author of an explosive book  –  “Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton”…  Blow-by-blow and in vivid detail, “Target” details Willey’s ordeal at the hands of the nation’s most ruthless political tag team…  The Clintons…

Her website, offers insight and safe haven for those who are sexually abused and harassed.

Kathleen is a dear friend of many of us at Talk America Radio, and we are very pleased that she accepted our invitation to join our Kitchen Cabinet.

And…  a legend in talk radio and a best selling author, NEAL BOORTZ, has recently accepted a seat on the Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet!

What an honor…  One of the greats in talk radio!

With over 40 years in radio, Neal Boortz is without a doubt an “equal opportunity offender” that has no equal!  Nationally syndicated on over 250 stations when he was with the powerhouse WSB 750AM out of Atlanta, Georgia, The Neal Boortz Show ranked seventh in overall listeners, with more than 4.25 million per week!

His co-authored books, “The FairTax Book” and “FairTax: The Truth” along with “Somebody’s Gotta Say It” have each been New York Times’ Bestsellers.  He has also written “The Terrible Truth About Liberals” and “The Commencement Speech You Need to Hear.”

So, Neal has entered into retirement…  Well, not really!

Neal is a frequent guest on Cowboy Logic Radio, and he has his own podcast site that enables him to reach his fans without any FCC regulations or restrictions!  Can you imagine???

Well, you don’t need to imagine…  Go check his podcast site out at: and hear Neal Boortz “on steroids”!!

Kathleen Willey and Neal Boortz…  We are honored that you have joined Talk America Radio!

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The First Amendment And The NFL

by: Jeremy Leahy

In recent weeks we have once again wrapped ourselves in the most precious of our civil liberties. ?Our right to free speech. Speech can cause upset, laughter, crying disagreement and stir our emotions. The one thing the First Amendment does not do and that is solely and completely protect us.

The Constitution protects us in many places in life; however the Constitution is not omnipresent.

In 1791 when the Bill Of Rights were adopted the the framers made it very clear in the First Amendment that " Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Let's be clear that the courts have established guidelines for speech that is never protected. Examples are threats of harm, defamation, incitement or the infamous "fighting words."[ Words by their mere utterance that are likely to result in an immediate and substantial breach of the peace.]

Oliver Wendell Holmes famously stated that your right to free speech does not protect your right to go in to a crowded theatre and falsely yell fire.

Free speech is broadly protected and narrowly restricted. That being said -one who is employed by the NFL or any other private entity does NOT have Constitutional rights while in the workplace. ?When on the field a professional athlete is at work and do NOT enjoy Constitutional protections. The NFL has a right to establish a policy requiring them to stand during the National Anthem. When they kneel they are expressing something- but that expression is not protected by law.

When it comes to Constitutional protections we have to look at it from two separate actions. ?1.)A public action 2.) A private action.

A First Amendment violation requires a public action not a private action. In order for a First Amendment ?violation to occur the government needs to be the agent of interference. Not a private employer. The First Amendment states: Congress shall make no law. It doesn't state: An employer shall make no policy. Try going to your office one day with profanity on a t-shirt and see what happens. The employer doesn't have to fire you , but they sure can. The employer is not required by law to show you the door but at the same time they are not required by law to retain you.

For the most part our Constitutional rights do not exist in private parlance. If a parent suspects that their 18 year old has drugs in their bedroom the parent can search the bedroom without a search warrant. ?The parent is the controlling agent.That is a private action. Now, if the police show up and want to search the bedroom for drugs they would need a search warrant. When the police show up at the home the Constitution is on the doorstep.

In most states an employer can even fire you when your exercise your right to free speech outside the workplace .If you say or express something the employer doesn't like or feels that it runs against the company's mission or values they can wish you happy travels. You have no grounds for a lawsuit. The NFL can fire you ,fine you or suspend you for not standing during the National Anthem. It's a simple fact. Ask Kathy Griffin. CNN gave her the boot after her summer stunt. Ask SNL writer Katie Rich who went on twitter and called Barron Trump the country's first homeschool shooter. Bye Bye!!

Generally speaking you can't be arrested for expressing something offensive;however you can still suffer from it. Yet, your not a victim of a Constitutional violation.The First Amendment can never protect you from the consequences of your actions.

Understandably, this has stirred up a lot of emotions about what the National Anthem represents. The conversation and debate surrounding it has found its way to the water cooler, the dinner table and elsewhere. That being said we all need understand there are morals and ethics surrounding this debate, but the law is totally separate.

Once again, to quote Oliver Wendell Holmes. " You have a Constitutional right to free speech. You do not have a Constitutional right to a job."

Jeremy Leahy, Natick, MA

Jeremy Leahy is a show host on Talk America Radio.? His show Standing Ground can be heard on the LIBERTY channel on Sundays at 9a ET, and on the JUSTICE channel on Wednesdays at 6p ET and Fridays at 12a ET.

Talk America Radio Hosts at FAIR in D.C.

On June 28/29 of 2017, several of the Talk America Radio Network show hosts took Washington D.C. by storm.

Show hosts from The Scott James Show, The Conservative Cartel, The Denise Simon Experience, Behind Enemy Lines and The Wayne Dupree Show visited D.C. for the 11th Annual FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) - Hold Their Feet to the Fire radio row.  Everyone had a great time visiting with dignitaries, families affected by illegal immigration and friends in the industry.

Feel free to view some of our photos below.

From the Press Release:

WASHINGTON, February 17, 2017 – The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) announces Wednesday June 28 and Thursday June 29 as the dates for its 11th annual Hold Their Feet to the Fire/Let’s Make America Great Again radio row broadcast in Washington.  Talk hosts from across the country will broadcast live both days debating immigration policy while interviewing members of Congress, law enforcement officials, experts, activists, White House officials, and those who live and work along the southern border.

President Trump has demonstrated his commitment to secure our borders, stop illegal immigration, enhance national security, and push for reforms that serve our broad American interests. But his election and early actions are only opportunities; they are not victories in and of themselves. The president will face all the usual special interests, each determined to oppose, obstruct, litigate, and attempt to delay and derail all executive and legislative initiatives.

“This event has always been about holding our elected leaders accountable and educating the public,” said Bob Dane, executive director of FAIR. “In particular, this year, lawmakers must be reminded that Americans strongly support President Trump’s immigration policies.  Otherwise, the noise made by vocal special interests – which the mainstream media loves to amplify – will dominate.  Talk radio remains the bullhorn of the ‘silent’ majority.”

Hold Their Feet to the Fire is staged at the Phoenix Park Hotel on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Reservations are required and hosts/producers should call FAIR now to reserve their spot. There is no cost to attend and all technical engineering and expenses are taken care of by FAIR.

Congressional guests, activists, high profile media personalities, and immigration experts will be in attendance and available throughout the event for wall-to-wall interviews with an expected crowd of 60 talk hosts.

What Exactly is “New Media”?

At no other time, since the dawn of radio, have we been in a position to change the definition of radio so drastically. In the next five years, if not much sooner, what we all know as radio will sound, and LOOK, much different.

To some, radio will never change. It will always be a frequency selection on a dial that allows a listener to receive analog (or digital) signals "over the air" to their portable, mobile or table top device. Thus, providing the listener with the ability to wonder what the person on the other side of the "voice" looks like. In the future, the wonder will give way to everyday knowledge. "Radio" will begin to look much different. With the advent of smart phones and smart devices like tablets and smaller laptops and social media tools and software, more companies have found that voyeurism sells. Companies like Facebook and Twitter have been providing users the ability to follow other people's daily life, almost minute-by-minute in some cases, for nearly a decade. Some are even so addicted to the "soap opera" of other people's lives that they can't sleep through an entire night without picking up their device to see what the latest news or gossip is. These same companies have now upped the ante. They have released software that allows anyone to personally broadcast live events from their smart device anytime anywhere. While this "me cast" has been going on for more than a year, it is now rapidly taking hold in one of the last industries that one would have imagined would be jumping on the bandwagon... traditional radio.

A Face for Radio

I've heard it said many times over the years by my friends in radio broadcasting circles, "I have a face for radio!" And, in most cases, the person making the statement is correct (present company included). However, more and more we're beginning to finally see what that person on the other side of the voice looks like and what their interests are through an emerging new technology phenomenon called "New Media".

New Media isn't simply a term that's being used to describe a new form of audio tape or compact disk. Those are relics long forgotten by some and never known by many. New Media is an entirely new way of thinking about communication in this era where technology manages much of our lives and would leave us a blubbering mess if we didn't have access to a smart device or the Internet for more than an hour.

As a radio station owner and broadcaster, I've experienced this new phenomenon in several ways over this past year, but none more exciting than watching the growth of Facebook's new platform, Facebook Live within this industry. This is Facebook's new technology that allows its users to immediately start a live broadcast from their smart device within seconds. It's been used to film events as they happen, both good and bad, and has proven to have the ability to divide an entire country. Other platforms like Twitter-owned Periscope or Life On Air's Meerkat have been around longer, but didn't take off in the radio industry like Facebook Live seems to have.

New Media In a New Era

New Media is the melding of several technologies to enhance communication to a listener, and now viewer, be it news, music, talk shows, etc., thereby opening doors for broadcasters that simply weren't there in full before. As an example, my company Pinnacle Broadcast Holdings, Inc has been growing in the New Media realm for the better part of a year and things are getting absolutely crazy. I own and operate the Talk America?Radio Network, a multi-stream Internet and terrestrial network of conservative talk shows. The Talk America Radio?Network is comprised of more than 60 radio talk show hosts and podcasters broadcasting on two Internet streams 24/7. We operate at the intersection of terrestrial (AM/FM) radio, Internet radio and LIVE video broadcasting. We're pushing the boundaries of what radio has been for many years and we're dragging it kicking and screaming all the way into the next century.

The Talk America Radio?Network operates as an Internet talk radio network, but we have partnered with several terrestrial (AM/FM) radio stations across the country to provide programming on the weekends and in the overnight hours. ?However, combining social media with Internet and terrestrial radio is not new. What is new, however, is combining the phenomenal power of Facebook Pages and Groups and their sometimes millions of followers with Facebook Live and the world of radio broadcasting. More and more radio shows, whether talk radio or DJ hosted morning/drive-time shows, are beginning to broadcast their shows over Facebook Live to reach a new demographic... those people with their heads buried in the Facebook newsfeed of their favorite smart device at all hours of the day and night.

Watch the Facebook pages of podcasters and radio stations and you'll begin to see many of the show hosts, yes, even those with "a face for radio", broadcasting their shows live not only to their listeners the "old-fashioned" way, but to those listener/viewers via a Facebook Live session that has the potential to really fire up a crowd. Facebook Live provides users with the ability not only to watch/hear their favorite talk show or radio host, but to also interact with them live through the Facebook comments section that acts as a chat room feed during the broadcast. There's nothing like being a show host broadcasting via Facebook Live and receiving live updates from your loyal, and sometimes not-so-loyal, listeners and viewers. Ahhh... Live Radio!

Many radio show hosts are just now learning about Facebook Live and the benefits of expanding their show demographics. Others have been using the tools for several months now and are becoming very successful at reaching many more listeners/viewers. Many of those hosts are becoming quite good at video production themselves or they are hiring production companies, like mine, to broadcast for them. While broadcasting via Facebook Live is easiest using their hand-held smart device, there are other ways to make the production professional and even satisfy the needs of their advertisers in ways not possible or thought of before.

Just a Small Amount of Effort

If a radio show host wants to take every opportunity they can to make the biggest impact on their followers and advertisers in social media, there are tools and companies that can help make their Facebook Live broadcast professional and interactive enough to keep the viewer/listener tuned in for the entire program. Some effort must be put forth, however, to find the right software tools to make the production stand out. There are software applications such as the free OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) platform used by video game-ographers that like to record their games for training other players all the way up to the costly professional production applications like Wirecast from Telestream or LiveStream just to name a few. All of these platforms will help make a full-blown production out of what used to be a simple radio show. Trust me, your advertisers will definitely benefit from the capabilities afforded by you putting their logos on-screen and sending them to all of your station's and partner's millions of Facebook followers.

If you're a radio show host that just simply wants to experiment with Facebook Live and see what it will do for you, get out your smart device, purchase a small tool called an iRig Pre (found at for under $35) and an XLR to 1/4" TRS cable. This will allow you to simply plug the 1/4" TRS into your studio's secondary headphone jack and put the broadcast directly into the input of your smart device. Doing so will allow your audience to not only hear you when you're live on the air, but will also allow them to hear your callers, music* and commercials. If you don't do this, then your listeners/viewers will only hear from your smart device's microphone what goes on in the studio when the studio mic is hot... and that lends itself to them hearing a lot of dead air and ogling the hot guy/gal behind the microphone. ??

* Be careful to follow Facebook's terms and conditions about rights.

WLBB 1330AM – New Affiliate!

Talk America?Radio proudly announces another affiliate that will be carrying the Talk America?Radio “Overnight Programming Package”!

Effective January 1, 2017, WLBB? -? News Talk 1330AM partnered up with Talk America Radio and will be broadcasting our programming seven days a week from 9:00PM until 6:00AM (eastern time).

WLBB serves west Georgia and is part of the Gradick Communications network.

Gradick Communications owner, Steve Gradick had shown great interest in adding the Talk America Radio?overnight package and decided that 2017 would mark the point at which he pulled the trigger.

In early spring of 2017, Steve will also be adding a new FM translator for WLBB.

The Talk America?Radio Overnight Programming Package now provides three terrestrial (AM/FM) stations with exclusive overnight programming featuring over 20 shows weekly!

WDDQ - Talk 92.1FM (Valdosta, GA) and WJHC - Talk 107.5FM (Jasper, FL) also come to Talk America?Radio for their overnight programming.

This unique concept was the brainchild of Talk America Radio?principals, Scott James and Don Neuen.? Their mission:? to create the perfect marriage between Internet radio and Terrestrial radio…? And they have accomplished their goal!




Talk America?Radio shows such as The Captain’s America - Third Watch, The Jayson Veley Program, Black Man Thinkin’, REELTalk with Audrey Russo, The Denise Simon Experience, Ark Midnight with John B. Wells, The Teri O”Brien Show, Behind Enemy Lines, The Conservative Cartel, Blowin’ Smoke with AJ Gainer, The Vito & Vito Show, A Conservative’s Perspective, The Dr. Rhonda Moorman Show, The Caiden Cowger Program, and Cowboy Logic Radio are just some of the fresh, alternative media Conservative Talk Radio shows that are featured on the Talk America Radio?Overnight Programming Package!

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This programming concept offers AM/FM radio stations worldwide to be able to broadcast fresh, new, unique programming as opposed to repeats of shows.? In addition, many of the overnight shows are LIVE shows…

The foundation of the Talk America Radio?overnight programming package is The Captain’s America - Third Watch, hosted by Matt Bruce.? Matt provides unsurpassed live overnight coverage from 2:00AM until 6:00AM…? You never need to wait until tomorrow!

If you own an AM/FM radio station and would like to become a Talk America Radio?affiliate, please contact Ron Phillips at 817-768-8751.? This is a FREE service!

#TalkAmericaRadio – Star Coaches TRUMP BUS TOUR

DANNY HAMILTON, owner of Star Coaches, one of the nation’s leading rock & roll bus companies, supported DONALD TRUMP from the day he announced he was running for President of the United Stated of America..

In early August 2016, he decided that in the middle of peak touring season, he would take one of his coaches off the schedules and create his own campaign to help elect DONALD TRUMP!

Completely self funded, and without accepting a single penny, the Star Coaches Trump Bus rolled throughout Georgia for nearly 70 days…Danny not only talked the talk, he walked the walk by putting his money where his mouth was…

We worked with our great friend MARK ROWE of Adnormous Graphics for assistance in the exterior wrap design, and we thank them for all their hard work and exceptional quality of work!

Danny was offered thousands of dollars to advertise various companies on the side of the bus…? All were declined…
Joined by DONNA FIDUCIA, WALLACE MATHIS, myself and a host of other hard working Trump supporters, Danny touched every mile of interstate in Georgia, stopping in over 50 cities…? The reception we received was phenomenal!
We also would like to thank all of the Talk America Radio Show Hosts that helped and supported us with interviews and announcements…? Thank you!
We consistently attracted much larger crowds that Hillary’s VP Candidate Tim Kaine could draw!? And many times, crowds larger than would attend a Hillary event…
Over these past two months, we met tens of thousands of great Americans…
Americans that Washington, DC had forgotten…
Americans that politicians and the mainstream media mocked, ridiculed, attacked and labeled as “racists”…
This was our journey… This is the SILENT MAJORITY
“Give Me Back My America” – JOHN BERRY
“Made In America” – TOBY KEITH
“Star Spangled Banner” – MADISON RISING

โหลด w88 iosANNOUNCING: The Talk America Radio “Kitchen Cabinet”

We are very pleased to announce the Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet.

Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet

There is an old saying that “successful people surround themselves with great people”.? No one will argue that this is a very accurate statement.

Well the same philosophy should hold true for any group, organization, company, or talk radio network.

I’ve been asked, “what is a Kitchen Cabinet” and “why does Talk America Radio need one”?

The term “Kitchen Cabinet” often refers to a President’s trusted group of friends or colleagues that are unofficial advisors.

The members of the Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet are just that…? very trusted friends and colleagues that share in the desire to see Talk America Radio succeed with integrity.

They will offer advice and counsel on any variety of matters and issues that the Executive Team is faced with from time to time.

The Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet is comprised of highly respected, top experts in economics, politics, the military, counter-terrorism, the Middle East, Asia, Russia, foreign affairs and national security.? These people are considered the very best of the very best!

On a personal level, I have known many of these people for quite some time.? Their integrity is unquestionable.? Their level of expertise is unsurpassed.? Their willingness to offer assistance, guidance and advice is unconditional.? They have proven time and time again to be accessible to me whenever the need arises for advice and guidance.? I am honored to consider these stellar people my friends.

And I am also grateful that they have accepted our offer to become members of the Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet…? What an honor…

It’s been just less than two month since we launched the new Talk America Radio Network.? Every day, the Executive Team works diligently to better the #TalkAmericaRadio brand and the Talk America Radio Network.? And every day we do so with the utmost of integrity.

There are some who are doing everything possible to inflict harm on Talk America Radio.? On a daily basis, we battle left wing individuals and organizations who try their best to silence us.? Heck, even other Conservative radio networks try to damage us daily in social media…? But despite the efforts of those that fight against us, we continue to fight back with quality and integrity.? That will not change.

Integrity…? The backbone of Talk America Radio.? We will never compromise our integrity.

Please join me in welcoming the members of our Kitchen Cabinet.? I encourage you to research them, and the organizations they represent.? Many are authors…? I highly encourage you to read their books.? You will see many of them on the various news networks.? Watch their videos and interviews on YouTube.? And you will very quickly understand why it is such a great honor that Talk America Radio has their support.