Righting a “Wrong”?


When Donald Trump descended the escalator at Trump Tower that fateful day in June 2015, Americans knew they were in for a rowdier and yes, sillier election cycle than normal. Donald Trump, incredibly successful businessman, celebrity, reality show host, and last but not least, American citizen, decided that he did not like the direction his country was taking and announced he was running for president. Many howled with laughter. Surely he can’t be serious! Doesn’t he know who he will be running against? Doesn’t he realize that it is Hillary Clinton’s turn? She has the money and power of the Clinton machine behind her, not to mention the mainstream media who will do what they must to get her elected. We now know that Hillary did what she had to as well by rigging the primary. ?Apparently Bernie Sanders did not realize it was her turn either.

Fast forward to election night. Something completely unexpected happened. At least unexpected to the pollsters, the media, and every other entity that insisted on ignoring what those in the New York, D.C. corridor like to think of as “fly over country”. Average ordinary Americans decided they had had enough. Enough of business as usual in Washington, enough of the same faces running for office, enough of those same people getting elected based on the promises they made to those average Americans, then promptly forgetting those promises the minute they hit the city limits of Washington D.C. Donald Trump would be like no other president in American history. For the D.C. swamp, the elitists, whatever you want to call them, that was exactly the problem.

There are lots of people, many of them the talking heads we see every night who talk about the divide we see among Americans right now. They talk about how it seems to be getting worse. What they are referring to is the political divide between Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals. But what if that is not the divide we should be concerned with? What if the most disturbing divide is among the elitist swamp creatures of the political class and the rest of us? What if the elitists witnessed in horror what happened on election night 2016 and decided that no, this cannot stand. We cannot allow the American people to duly elect this unsophisticated ogre of a man, this political neophyte, this outsider whose supporters chant, “Drain the swamp” to be the leader of the free world. They knew all too well that when Trump said he would drain the swamp, he was talking about them.

Now we are finding out the mass and the scope of the plan that was put into place. It is like nothing we have ever seen before. It involves the weaponizing of the FBI and the Department of Justice, it involves high ranking officials in the Obama administration, it involves an active spying operation on an American political candidate, and the very people who organized it and carried it out are the ones who should have been stopping it. We will for quite a while to come hear the names Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Mueller, and Rosenstein. It will also involve a propagandist media that is no longer populated with journalists but activists for the Democrat Party who will do their level best to minimize this and dismiss it as just so much Trump and conservative conspiracy theory. Now we are hearing the spin that, “we were just trying to keep an eye on what the Russians were doing. We were doing Trump a favor!” Move along silly average Americans, nothing to see here.

The question every American should be asking is, how on earth have we gotten here? How has a group of people who feel so privileged, so entitled, so superior to their fellow citizens come to feel that they have a right to carry out what amounts to a silent coup d’état? How do people who are in positions of power, who are charged with the protection of this nation rationalize the attempted destruction of every ideal this country was founded upon simply because they don’t like the president?

The answer is multifaceted, but part of it is really kind of simple. These people truly believed, and more than likely, continue to believe that they were just righting a wrong. President Donald Trump was never supposed to happen. Hillary Clinton was poised to make history. They all knew it with every fiber of their beings, and when it didn’t happen, history had to be corrected. And not only did history need correcting, they also needed to send a message that continues to be sent today to all other outsiders who think they might do what Donald Trump did. Don’t rock the boat, don’t think you will come in here and disrupt the status quo. Because if you do, we will destroy you personally and professionally, we will destroy your family, we will destroy anyone associated with you personally and professionally, we will make an example of you.

The more we learn of this, the more egregious, disgusting, and truly disturbing it is. A Hillary Clinton presidency would have kept this secret more than likely forever. And the clearer it becomes that Donald Trump was the history correction.

โหลด w88 iosIs Conservatism the New Counterculture?

Ah the 60’s, what a heady time. America was experiencing growing pains in a way she had not seen since her inception. It was a time of war, an unpopular one at that. It was a time of Americans demanding racial and gender equality. At times it was violent and ugly. It also spawned a generational gap that had never been seen before. Teenagers and college age students in the 60’s were a completely different animal than their WWII era parents. While tradition defined the greatest generation, rebellion defined their children. Those coming of age in the 60’s wanted completely different lives than their parents. Their values and beliefs were the opposite of their parents. It was practically a requirement, it was also hip and cool.

Fast forward to today. Those teenagers are all grown up. And quite a few of them teach today’s teenagers and college students. And they are guilty of the very behavior of the generation that came before them. They insist that they are all for freedom of speech, equality for all, tolerance and inclusivity all around. But that is not what happens on today’s college campuses. What used to be a sacred place for the free exchange of ideas is now a repressive safe-space filled place where one had better go along with the group-think of one’s designated group. So, one had better figure out quick to which group one belongs. Are you a minority, female, gay? Shut up and think with your respective group and no one gets hurt.

But there is a different group rearing its head, and the problem is, well, they appear to be free thinkers, and it does not look like they are going to reform their evil ways any time soon. We are talking about college conservatives. Go to any college campus and it’s the Conservatives who are the kooks, the freaks, the ones who just do not it in. They are insulted, if speakers they invite to campus manage to step foot on campus they are shouted down, threatened, and harassed. They are not allowed to say what they think, that is hate speech. And don’t even think about publicly supporting the political candidate of your choice. Because if it not the choice of those tolerant former flower children, it is not going to happen.

So, have conservative college students become the new counter culture? Are they the new rebellion? They are certainly the underdog, and in many cases, curiosity gets the better of those want to know more about the underdogs and why they have achieved that status. Will the curious want to know what sort of values and beliefs this totally unacceptable group holds and why they hold them? Will they mull conservatism over, roll it around in their heads, even agree with it? More and more studies are showing that the generation behind Millennials is leaning more conservative in their beliefs. Will they relish the idea that they are, in a way, the odd men out? And will it make conservatism hip and cool? Maybe not right away, liberals are not about to let the cool factor of being a hippie, even an aging one, go without a fight. But maybe the fight stage is where we are now. More conservative students speak up even when they see the treatment of others like them. They are standing up and fighting “the man”. Rather ironic that liberals have become exactly what they warned each other about back in the old days.

Liberals love to ramble on about revolutions and resisting. What may be on the horizon is probably not what they had in mind.

Talk America Radio “Kitchen Cabinet” Update!

We are very pleased to announce two new members of the Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet:  KATHLEEN WILLEY and NEAL BOORTZ!

Both Kathleen and Neal have graciously accepted seats on our esteemed Kitchen Cabinet this past week, and we are honored to have them join us…

The term “Kitchen Cabinet” refers to any group of trusted friends and associates, particularly in reference to a President’s or presidential candidate’s closest unofficial advisers.

Many past Presidents have created Kitchen Cabinets, but at Talk America Radio, we decided to model our Kitchen Cabinet after that of President Ronald Reagan, by surrounding ourselves with great people!

KATHLEEN WILLEY is a victim of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  You may remember the second Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton when four ladies, all victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton, appeared as guests of Donald Trump.  Sitting on the second row, right behind the Trump family, were Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathy Shelton and Kathleen Willey.

She is the author of an explosive book  –  “Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton”…  Blow-by-blow and in vivid detail, “Target” details Willey’s ordeal at the hands of the nation’s most ruthless political tag team…  The Clintons…

Her website, AScandalADay.com offers insight and safe haven for those who are sexually abused and harassed.

Kathleen is a dear friend of many of us at Talk America Radio, and we are very pleased that she accepted our invitation to join our Kitchen Cabinet.

And…  a legend in talk radio and a best selling author, NEAL BOORTZ, has recently accepted a seat on the Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet!

What an honor…  One of the greats in talk radio!

With over 40 years in radio, Neal Boortz is without a doubt an “equal opportunity offender” that has no equal!  Nationally syndicated on over 250 stations when he was with the powerhouse WSB 750AM out of Atlanta, Georgia, The Neal Boortz Show ranked seventh in overall listeners, with more than 4.25 million per week!

His co-authored books, “The FairTax Book” and “FairTax: The Truth” along with “Somebody’s Gotta Say It” have each been New York Times’ Bestsellers.  He has also written “The Terrible Truth About Liberals” and “The Commencement Speech You Need to Hear.”

So, Neal has entered into retirement…  Well, not really!

Neal is a frequent guest on Cowboy Logic Radio, and he has his own podcast site that enables him to reach his fans without any FCC regulations or restrictions!  Can you imagine???

Well, you don’t need to imagine…  Go check his podcast site out at:  http://www.connectpal.com/boortzcast and hear Neal Boortz “on steroids”!!

Kathleen Willey and Neal Boortz…  We are honored that you have joined Talk America Radio!

Check out the entire Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet at:  /d12/kitchencabinet/


Is President Trump Today’s Governor George Wallace?

President Trump captured enough electoral votes for the win. A glance back in recent history tells this story. While Hillary Clinton blames everyone but herself, you have to understand, her arrogance led her to believe she was above history repeating itself. So if I may, cheer up Hillary, it was never your time.

Like Wallace, Trump actually has a heart for the African American race and the poor. However, when you seek both money and power, and most importantly power, in this country, the blacks and the poor do not hold a special place in that same heart. The reasons President Trump does not condemn the KKK and Putin are quite obvious, they are the same reasons former Judge Wallace differed from then Governor Wallace, he has made a deal with the devil.

I know many believe I am a huge President Trump supporter because I defend many of his actions on social media. I have my reasons. The main reason is simply due to his bravery to fight the status quo. There are many events in US history that outlines a brotherhood between the police, secret service, CIA, FBI, government officials, and the mob. Assassinations all connected leading to a “lone wolf” and the average American will never be privy to the truth. Events both now and in the past that have been orchestrated purposely so that we the people cry out for more law and order. It is my belief the Vegas Shooter is baffling our federal agents because for once they truly had no idea he existed.

President Trump knew with the protests and the Black Lives Matter movement front and center he could sway those that did not like the feeling of division, and also those that did not like the thought of a black person being equal or superior. His strategy was simple, yet at a time when it could be most effective due to the state of our country. I know it is hard for many liberals to grasp that not all Trump supporters are racist, one day they may understand he also has the support for those wanting domestic peace and less government.

At the start of President Trump’s campaign, I bet he truly believed he could be the one to “drain the swamp”. To do that you would literally have to dismantle every branch of the government at the same time all while changing policies to limit the government in every aspect. Many insert he is changing every policy former President Obama has put in place to undo what a black man has accomplished. Yet, if you look closely, he is changing policies that limit government and those that are pulling strings behind the scenes. Am I the only one wondering why President Obama felt the need to break bread with Cuba?

Democrat and republican leaders all seek money and power. The problem I have with the democratic party is they will obtain both money and power by any means necessary. In history, some conspiracy theories have substantial evidence to where if you connect the dots, you can see not only sabotage of a party mate, but murder for a chance at the top spot has occurred. As we saw in the past election, the DNC and Hillary Clinton went out of their way to ensure the loss of Bernie Sanders. I say out of their way because I believe he didn’t have what it took to beat Clinton regardless, but apparently she scares easily.

I have a theory of my own. I believe President Trump will get back to his roots after the pot is stirred to a boiling point and he is in his second term. Like Wallace he will continue to court a specific group. “Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” is Trump’s “Make America Great Again”. Skirting the media by breaking his own news on Twitter will continue to anger many news networks, that will continue the attacks on him and keep him front and center. Tweeting about the NFL and every black protest will seem as if he is against the rise of a black man and will keep his racist voters satisfied, but he will flip the script angering those voters once re-elected. Similar to when Governor George Wallace had to pretend to oppose of integration at Alabama University. Maintaining his stance on immigration and tax reform will create a soft spot for the working class. And of course, for his wealthy friends, well he has to think of something quick. Congress dropping the ball on healthcare was a bad a look.

Was President Trump up against a modern day John Patterson? No, but people were afraid and angry, and tapping into that sealed the deal. I also have a few suggestions, dump Omarosa for former Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele, get Ivanka out of official business, and hand a yuge project to Melania.

Mark my words, President Trump will serve two terms.

โหลด w88 iosRon Boat asks…What makes America work?

THINK ABOUT IT AMERICA – What makes it work? People! The good people who work, who contribute and commit, step up and help others. People who give of their time and money for charities, helping others they don’t even know, selfishly participating in others’ lives. In the case of first responders actually placing their lives in danger for the benefit and well being of their fellow citizens.

Photo: C. Mendoza / VOA) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This week saw the repulsive antithesis of good – evil. The true and real? personification of what can go wrong when people put themselves above others. The total, ultimate and final resolution of personal hate and disdain for society, it’s rules, laws, and yes its participants. What causes – what forces someone to plan out an attack, living with ingrained hatred for days or weeks wanting to do one thing…. kill people they don’t even know. If we knew that we could probably solve crime in America.

We can make an excuse for those who kill out of rage or revenge, who take a life in defense or retribution but to wantonly take lives of people doing nothing more than enjoying their lives, their freedoms, their love of life is without reason or sanity. We find no solace in half truths, explanations of one’s?anathema for humanity?because in most cases there is no acceptable, reasonable reason for reactions so destructive. To harm those who don’t know, who have done you no wrong, who are not in your life in any way other than to breathe the same air of freedom and opportunity is wordless in its description.

The balance of this lunacy are the lines of people who stood for 6-8 hours to give their life’s blood for those they?simply heard needed their help, their? support, their?élan vital of life, giving subsistence to those who need it more. People who answered the call with no knowledge of the needy other than… they have a need. People who give their time and blood without benefit of reward other than that personal satisfaction and smile that lingers for days or weeks when remembering “they were there to help their fellow man,” they were part of the anonymous army that cared, that responded, that gave and saved.

It’s been said many times and by many means that no man is an island. The people killed did not live under a vacuousness veil of society anonymity. Their lives touched many people; they had families, friends, coworkers, they were contributors to the collective whole of America. Their passing leaves a potential for greater loss given their future?beneficence to us all.? The only small flickering ray of rank reality was the cowardice of the gunman – who shall go unnamed here –? for taking his own desperate life saving taxpayers millions in trials, treatments and useless attempts at reform and rehabilitation – for there is none for such unspeakable?heinousness.

The only shortcoming of this result is the lack of reason for the families of victims – the truth behind the turmoil that might offer some comfort and contentment, some final closure and?cessation of the pains of life, if even for a moment of personal relief. But in the end… there may be no reason other than a selfish, self-serving act, a?delirious desire for dominance on the world stage if only for the time it takes to forget such?malevolent motion of?murderousness inhumanity.

God bless the innocent victims, their families, their community and God bless America as we deal with the evil in our midst.


~ RB

? 2017 Group AMC, Inc.

Ron Boat needs to be muzzled and put in a cage

At times that’s what many people think when I express my views and reveal my rants on current affairs, social and political misfires. I can’t stand idiocy, lunacy, stupidity or?haranguing diatribe from either side of the political sewer.

As a basis…. I’m older than a half century, started and have run my own business for 46 years, am a proud US Army veteran and graduate of special schooling at the US Naval Academy. Have been a survivor in life making my own way with creativity and hard work having not been born into money or taking anything from society.

When asked about being either an “R” or a “D” I usually reply, “I’m an American and I want the best for this country wherever the ideas come from.”

I believe what’s true is true, and the pig with lipstick is still… well you know. And teaching that pig to sing… still doesn’t work. I believe in personal responsibility. If I can do it almost anyone can and I’m an equal opportunity believer…. Your race or religion, your personal sexual persuasions, your background or environment shouldn’t be the excuse for your failures.

Too many people from the wrong side of the river, with physical handicaps or lack of monetary foundations have been overwhelmingly successful in life. (I’m still working on mine) ??? And God bless their contributions to our society and the world.

But the thing that really pulls my chain, that influences people to want me committed, is the direction of the country. The lack of respect on the part of young people – a DIRECT result of poor parenting (or none) and the social acceptance promoted by our socialist/fascist leaders.

The lack of education being taught, or applied, that leads people to wonder through their day disrupting the lives of normal hard working people with their pedantic, pretentious displays of moral outrage at the reality of life. The botched belief they should condemn and control others with vicious, vituperative, vehement violence for the sake of pushing socialistic agendas NOT in the best interest of this free and capitalistic country.

The All-Nite Images [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The misconception that some lives matter more than others, or? are dismissed by those of a different color without regard to any real truths. The free wheeling feeling that destruction of private and TAXPAYER supported property is an acceptable target or that others’ personal lives don’t matter as much as their personal volumes of?verbosity express. There’s a war being waged against freedom and this country needs to heed the wake up call of patriotism and reason to combat the forces of evil which are prevalent, yea already?prevailing in the?perseverant? persona of personal promotion.

Freedom of speech? ABSOLUTELY. Freedom of? chaos and revolution? UNACCEPTABLE. Face it, anarchy is the method and goal of these Soros funded, Obama approved and trained messengers of?misrule. They hate America, they hate its people, and they hate the success some have achieved and who will be accused of denying others of their rights and entitlements. For them, America is the reason the world is “unequal” and “unjust” and it’s their personal pilgrimage and primary pursuit that drives them to consume and crush cultures.

They don’t care about your right to survive, grow, produce and enjoy the fruits of your own labors. They want you to curtail your profits and not sell Pumpkin Spice lattes if you’re in a Trump building. They want you to “share the wealth” with those less fortunate (code word for lazy) while their citadels of abundance like Facebook and Google continue to overflow with the funds from the working class they despise.

Kiteinthewind [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons

The concept or name of your sports team is probably racist. And you’re certainly a racist if you oppose a religion that wants to kill you or speak out against the illegal ignoring the rule of law, sneaking across our borders and wanting your job or wasting public funds with free this and that while flipping the finger of?foulness at you for your lack of compassion and caring. Yea… let me get out my checkbook and take care of those unfortunates.

Schools want to kick you out if you wear an American flag t-shirt yet encourage, or order police to stand down while roaming hoards of paid, mask wearing, rock throwing, organized anarchists disrupt public gatherings and burn public buildings. Certain governmental “occupiers” want to diminish your personal religious beliefs and rights, using them as excuses for deleting you from positions and public acceptance.

The education system is setting us up to fail in future generations with social acceptance of idiotic social sideshows of leftist, radical teachers.

Cities, under the leadership of left leaning progressives, allow and participate in the dramatic and damaging dissolution of our country’s history. The defacing and tearing down of statutes of figures who, according to them, had no place in our country or our history. Countries, leaders, standards and behaviors evolve and define over time yet to use their presence as an excuse to destroy should be objectionable and repugnant, yet many communities allow their leaders to ignore, acquiesce or promote such.

Six times this year (180 days) I’ve been banned from Facebook for expressing personal, non-violent views against certain leaders, groups, cults/religions that want to bring down our country, even destroy our way of life. All while others are openly allowed to promote violence, hateful, anti-American rhetoric and views contrary to a reasonable discourse for growing our society. Ever heard about that Muslim group or mass murderer who was posting on Facebook just before his?abhorrent act of violence? Who was watching and banning him? And in FB’s?incapacity to use common sense and intelligence, the posts they ban me for are from a year or more in the past. NO acceptance of the fact someone might have “learned to confirm” and improve their posts… they just want me gone from communicating with like-minded conservatives my proclivity for passionate points of? patriotism.

Yes, maybe there are times I should be caged but muzzled? I still think non-violent speech is allowed and acceptable even when I disagree. But don’t think me a combative opposing fool when trying to pull blankets of idiocy over me all while beating me with your club of acceptable and understanding.

Was Trump to be the savior of this country we’ve been wanting for 4, 8, 16, 20+ years? He’s no self proclaimed Messiah, but is trying his best non-political ways of dealing with the hand he was left with at the table of leadership. Take a deep breathe and imagine the chaos and calamity had he lost this important turning point election. If this country grows and succeeds – so does he in the long run. If the traitors on the left and the Trump haters, detractors and dissenters have their way… we all suffer and we could be looking at? irreversible? deterioration of the best country ever to inhabit this planet.

It’s been said that:

The decline from democracy to tyranny is both a natural and inevitable one. It’s a fact, nonetheless.

In every case, a democracy will deteriorate as the result of the electorate accepting the loss of freedom in trade for largess from their government. This process may be fascism, socialism, communism, or a basket of “isms,” but tyranny is the inevitable endgame of democracy.?

And while America is not a democracy, the same can be said for a republic founded on the principles of freedom and God given rights, operating under the rule of law.

I believe our founders were some of the most brilliant men ever to conceive a country. They came from the tyranny of governmental controls that confined its people and restrained their spirit. They knew what would make and keep this new bastion of freedom free and growing, centuries after their parting. As I’ve written before, their beliefs played a dominant part in our founding and it’s our charge to continue their dreams, to fight for their vision of this republic and its people.

OK, cage me, but I’ll never relinquish my attempt to express my views and love of this country. I’ll never give up hope that we can reverse the efforts of satanic and anarchist deviants that wish to destroy. I won’t acquiesce my oath to the military and the country for its protection and betterment.

Whatever your race, religion, status in life, political party, personal beliefs or opinions, I trust you’ll do your part as so many others have, and do what you can to #MAGA in one way or another.


~ RB

? 2017 Group AMC, Inc.

โหลด w88 ios#TalkAmericaRadio – Star Coaches TRUMP BUS TOUR

DANNY HAMILTON, owner of Star Coaches, one of the nation’s leading rock & roll bus companies, supported DONALD TRUMP from the day he announced he was running for President of the United Stated of America..

In early August 2016, he decided that in the middle of peak touring season, he would take one of his coaches off the schedules and create his own campaign to help elect DONALD TRUMP!

Completely self funded, and without accepting a single penny, the Star Coaches Trump Bus rolled throughout Georgia for nearly 70 days…Danny not only talked the talk, he walked the walk by putting his money where his mouth was…

We worked with our great friend MARK ROWE of Adnormous Graphics for assistance in the exterior wrap design, and we thank them for all their hard work and exceptional quality of work!

Danny was offered thousands of dollars to advertise various companies on the side of the bus…? All were declined…
Joined by DONNA FIDUCIA, WALLACE MATHIS, myself and a host of other hard working Trump supporters, Danny touched every mile of interstate in Georgia, stopping in over 50 cities…? The reception we received was phenomenal!
We also would like to thank all of the Talk America Radio Show Hosts that helped and supported us with interviews and announcements…? Thank you!
We consistently attracted much larger crowds that Hillary’s VP Candidate Tim Kaine could draw!? And many times, crowds larger than would attend a Hillary event…
Over these past two months, we met tens of thousands of great Americans…
Americans that Washington, DC had forgotten…
Americans that politicians and the mainstream media mocked, ridiculed, attacked and labeled as “racists”…
This was our journey… This is the SILENT MAJORITY
“Give Me Back My America” – JOHN BERRY
“Made In America” – TOBY KEITH
“Star Spangled Banner” – MADISON RISING

ANNOUNCING: The Talk America Radio “Kitchen Cabinet”

We are very pleased to announce the Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet.

Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet

There is an old saying that “successful people surround themselves with great people”.? No one will argue that this is a very accurate statement.

Well the same philosophy should hold true for any group, organization, company, or talk radio network.

I’ve been asked, “what is a Kitchen Cabinet” and “why does Talk America Radio need one”?

The term “Kitchen Cabinet” often refers to a President’s trusted group of friends or colleagues that are unofficial advisors.

The members of the Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet are just that…? very trusted friends and colleagues that share in the desire to see Talk America Radio succeed with integrity.

They will offer advice and counsel on any variety of matters and issues that the Executive Team is faced with from time to time.

The Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet is comprised of highly respected, top experts in economics, politics, the military, counter-terrorism, the Middle East, Asia, Russia, foreign affairs and national security.? These people are considered the very best of the very best!

On a personal level, I have known many of these people for quite some time.? Their integrity is unquestionable.? Their level of expertise is unsurpassed.? Their willingness to offer assistance, guidance and advice is unconditional.? They have proven time and time again to be accessible to me whenever the need arises for advice and guidance.? I am honored to consider these stellar people my friends.

And I am also grateful that they have accepted our offer to become members of the Talk America Radio Kitchen Cabinet…? What an honor…

It’s been just less than two month since we launched the new Talk America Radio Network.? Every day, the Executive Team works diligently to better the #TalkAmericaRadio brand and the Talk America Radio Network.? And every day we do so with the utmost of integrity.

There are some who are doing everything possible to inflict harm on Talk America Radio.? On a daily basis, we battle left wing individuals and organizations who try their best to silence us.? Heck, even other Conservative radio networks try to damage us daily in social media…? But despite the efforts of those that fight against us, we continue to fight back with quality and integrity.? That will not change.

Integrity…? The backbone of Talk America Radio.? We will never compromise our integrity.

Please join me in welcoming the members of our Kitchen Cabinet.? I encourage you to research them, and the organizations they represent.? Many are authors…? I highly encourage you to read their books.? You will see many of them on the various news networks.? Watch their videos and interviews on YouTube.? And you will very quickly understand why it is such a great honor that Talk America Radio has their support.


Cowboy Logic Radio


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The combination of Fiducia / Neuen provides humor, as well as highly vetted information on a wide variety of subjects from politics and current events, to military intelligent and foreign affairs.

With an impressive guest list, such as Clare M. Lopez, Dinesh D'Souza, LTG Jerry Boykin, MG Paul E. Vallely, Lisa Daftari, LTG Tom McInerney, Tom Del Beccaro, Brigitte Gabriel, Nonie Darwish, Sidney Powell, Amil Imani, Nagi Najjar, Tom Trento, Dr. Martin Sherman, Gerald Molen, Michael Cutler, Gordon Chang, Bill Donohue, Tom DeWeese, and Pamela Geller, Cowboy Logic Radio delivers in depth interviews the far surpass anything the mainstream media can, or will offer.? This show is always ahead of the curve!

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